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Inpros Engineering Ltd. is a company providing engineering and related technical service for realization of investment facilities from development studies, preliminary designs, technical supervision, project management, construction works to the integrated facility management.

Affordable Pricing

With rational solutions, years of experience and expertise, we can meet all the demands of the market under our own slogan: "fast, quality, responsive service at competitive rates". We customized our services and prices to the domestic Serbian market for all range of engineering services.

Our mission

Since its establishment in 1992 in Belgrade, our company has made unremitting efforts to improvement in the quality of engineering services. With great success we have override many challenges and have not given up from the guiding principles and vision of company development.

Practice Experience

Industry studies in Europe have shown that, when the potential of systems is implemented thoroughly, Facility Management systems can reduce energy related costs by up to 60% of their previous levels.
We are continuously testing our solutions in various Facility Management settings to prove the possibilities that its unique functionality can create improvements beyond the cost reductions identified in earlier industry studies.

Our Promise

We work until you’re happy !

PATENT br. 1550 - Šaloni


Inpros d.o.o. zadržava pravo 
na patent, industrijski dizajn
i fotografije proizvoda.

Zaštićen proizvod kod Zavoda za
intelektualnu svojinu R. Srbije
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isključivo vlasništvo
preduzeća Inpros doo

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Patent Br. 1550, 2018/9465 

MP 2017/0054

Beograd, 04.07.2018.god

Certifikat izvrsnosti 2017

PAK 149106 Zvezdara
Belgrade, R.Serbia
Mon. to Fri. 9am - 5pm
Weekends 9am - 12am

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There is no charge for an initial consultation, so feel free to discuss your needs with us.

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